Wednesday, 13 June 2012


 A strange occurance this morning... I woke to sunlight coming through the curtains .And then later whilst walking the dogs in usual clothing, several layers, coat ,gloves , I started to feel warm, HOT, in fact and had to take a layer or two off!!A vague memory of summer......


I haven't picked up needles or wool for 2 days.... how did that happen? thought tonight would be a non knitting evening too as it is usually our"date night", orange Wednesday when we go to the movies with 2 for 1 voucher but our local was not showing what we wanted to see"Angel Share". We saw "Moonrise Kingdom" last week which was great. Maybe I can get a square or 2 done of the blanket later.


Just finished 2 days of work now, so Weds eve always feels good. Yesterday I did an Ante-natal clinic all day, quite a busy clinic and strangely had 3 sets of twins... Haven't  had any twins for a long time, so its a good test of my palpation skills. I also had a bit of a reality check..  A young girl of 16 who I had not met before presented herself, at about 22 wks. She is from Sierra Leone and has been here for a year. Her parents were killed in the war when she was 11 and when I asked who looked after her she said"No one, just myself"......   She looked a good 10yrs older than that and after hearing her story it is no surprise .... It certainly made me think about my moaning about the weather.


Hmmmmmmmmmm, just had a BIG shout at Sam who shut down this blog with a load of unsaved words, very frustrating but here I am rewriting again when I really should be knitting by now....
Becca made it safely to Venice despite her very early flight to Venice at 06.30 from Stanstead. Ian got up at 3 to give her a lift to Victoria where she caught a coach, so not such a cheap flight in the end.
Charlie did his 2 exams and they were ok. A fire alarm went off in the middle of one and he thinks that will give him 2 extra marks because of the disruption, that would be good!
A potential lodger rang tonight. We will let out 2 rooms when Becca and Sam go off to uni in Sept. We have done it before and so far it has worked well.


I have given up with sourdough and now make a pretend sourdough which uses yeast but ferments for quite a few hrs overnight so has a sourdough tang. All will be revealed tomorrow. Just made a focacia to go with our tea, sausage casserole, yummm.

Thats it for today, the wool is calling......
tonight's tea

the beginning of the pretend sourdough!