Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Having another go and causing a few tensions to say the least…… I seem to be having BIG problems getting to grips with how to do this much to the frustration of more adept computer users!!
I am relatively new to knitting after stopping for a long time after learning as a child. I am too impatient to knit large projects but tend to knit small, gloves, hats scarves and my latest craze is snoods. AT Christmas time I have a small sale with other friends and try and sell a few bits and pieces, its fun and sociable and made a few £’s towards Christmas presents.
My latest project is a “going to university” blanket for Sam who is off to Glasgow school of Art. It is a patchwork, with lots of small squares with all different patterns, colours and stitches. It’s really interesting to make a different design every time.
Sadly I won’t be doing much practical work this week  as i am doing Mandatory training update. Midwives have to do this once a year to keep updated. Its interesting and great to catch up with colleagues,  interspersed with quite dull lectures as well like mentorship updates…. right at the end of the day too when you just want to get home. 
Usual Sunday night blues here, everyone a bit overtired after the excess of the weekend and not looking forward to work/school tomorrow. Charlie doing his A levels over the next few weeks , always plenty of stress there….. He has been working hard over these past few weeks so hopefully it will pay off for him.
Well, back to the knitting now as a bit of r&r before bed

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