Sunday, 10 June 2012

Well,I'm not very good at this blog thing...... Need to get into the habit of writing everyday,but there is always something else to get on with! So to get started again..... Knitting projects.... Still going on with the patchwork blanket for Sam to take to university with him. I am losing .the will to live with it!! The wool scraps I am using are all quite dark so it's looking a bit drab,I need some more bright colours to liven itupbut am reluctant to buy any more wool as I have far too much already!! Also I have made the squres a little to small, so I am having to make loads and hey are slightly uneven sizes so not sure how it wil all hang together.i have gone too far to give up but am probably only half way so am going like the clappers to get it done!, A week ago I attended a sock workshop and made a lovely little baby sock, quite simple really, my heart is with socks now but I know if I stop with the squares I won't return...... Midwifery.....'s half term so have had a week at home and no work so not much to say about that today. One thing that woke me up this morning was a dream about a breast feeding workshop I do weekly. At the moment it's for women only but we have an idea to change it and bring the Dads in too. Think it could be interesting and it will be good to make some changes as we have been doing it the same way for a long time now. Family..... The A levels continue, but not for. Too much longer, Charlie is working SOOO hard,I am in awe of his concentration and commitment! Everyday up and out to the library for 6-7 hrs, just hope he reaps the rewards. Very annoyingly. There is a cold going around and he is complaining of a sore throat,so I am I fear that it will hit him on Tuesday when he has two HUGE exams. Sam, Ian and I went to the Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy yesterday, some lovely pictures there, sadly the one I really liked was a mere 66K so had to leave it behind! It's interesting to go with Sam as he often has a different angle on the art. When we left we happened upon a large crowd of naked cyclists....... Quite a sight, a protest about oil and cars etc I think! Certainly caused quite a stir! It's one thing cycling naked in London in a large group but what if you get a puncture at Hyde park and get left behind.......!!!!! Right, off to walk dogs now, I am looking after 2, so I am looking like the mad dog lady with 100's of dogs

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