Monday, 11 June 2012

rainy Monday

just come back from choir, the highlight of the week. 12 or so ladies in someones front room and 1 1/2 hrs of singing gospel type music in 3 part harmony. Its sooo good for the soul.
A very ,very rainy day so after a tiny bit of work I had a blissful day of pottering at home, which mainly involved cooking, namely apricot jam which looks and tastes divine but not sure that it has set!!
Knitting... none so far today, might get a couple of rows in after this!

Midwifery...... frustrating today as trying to help a new mum with her tongue tied baby to be able to feed without it being agony. The baby is growing so well but both he and mum have thrush now so that's causing a few problems too. Had to refer on to my much more experienced colleague. 
FAmily.... a houseful for tea, 8 in all, I love it when its like that, friends popping over and all sitting around the table! I atr far too much but it was delicious, both veggie and meat lasange !
Good luck to Charlie tomorrow as two BIG exams A levels and he has an horrendous sore throat. He has been working soooo hard  its not fair that he is now poorly on the one day that really counts.
Becca is getting up at 3 to get a bus to Stanstead to fly to Venice, lucky thing as might even see the sun!!

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