Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Feeling more human now and able to write more than a couple of lines....... Amazing what 7 hours solid sleep can do!!


Just to share some of the hilarity we had on NYE......
Started early with the usual what to wear dilemma, luckily I had Becca home and she could give me some sound advice.
Arrived with everyone else, good timing , and we were served a delicious champagne cocktail which went down far too easily. For the meal Ian and i had devised a "challenge " game that involved doing a task that was a secret and had to be done throughout the meal... for example , break into song, keep saying OMG thats hilarious, keep making toasts, Keep talking about how much better Hogmany is in Edinburgh, etc, etc. That was very amusing to watch as we knew what everyone had to do. We then had to try and guess each others which most of us did!!
we then had to swap our worst presents game, that was also HILARIOUS. Lots of mankinis there, picture to follow......
MIdinght was much hugging kissing and singing, followed by a few reels, stripping the willow and an eightsome . Then passing an orange down the line under our chins, i laughed so much... well lets just say I need to do my pelvic floor exercises .

A tricky but fun pictionary game and a sort of murder game finished us off and took us through till 3.15. We then walked home which was lovely, birds were singing... why is that ?? it was pitch dark !!!

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