Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hurrah...... January is nearly over, the days are definitely getting longer, I can walk the dogs around 5 and its just starting to get dark. Half term soon, in 2 and  1/2 wks and we are off to Morroco, just us 2 for  5 days.  The temperature is up in the 20's during the day with a BIG African sun shining down so it should be lovely!!!

Had some bloods taken at the doc the other day and the results show my Hb and iron stores are pretty low. Since getting this news I have been feeling REALLY tired and look dreadfully pale. I am such a hypochondriac, I felt fine a couple of days ago!! Nothing a dose or two of iron won't fix!!

Just off to make tea, falafel  with some home made flat breads and tahini sauce, YUMMY!!

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