Monday, 7 January 2013


Everyone is off again ... the house is becoming quieter and less washing up too!!
Becca left last week as she has some exams to do so thought she would work better back in Leeds. The exam was today , 3 hrs long but seemingly went ok but good to be done.
Sam left yesterday  morning, felt sad to see him go , its not so much fun going back to halls as to your own place. I sent him a big shop from tesco to keep him going for a while!
He is 21 next wk and will be away from everyone so we had a little celebration at the local thai cafe which was very nice and celebratory. He was very happy with his software that we gave him so we have made a good choice finally after the disaster of the headphones!


STill trying to keep up the feast and fast 5;2 diet, eating normally for 5 days and eating a very small amount for 2 days. I am hungry today ,especially at this time as everyone else is eating and I am cooking too, it makes me very grumpy but it is nice to think I can eat anything I like tomorrow!


Well, we have made them, they are written on the paper and tucked away in a drawer to look at later in the year. Included are......stop being so superstitious, visit Dublin,shop local,Alexander technique and the usual drink more water, lose some weight, go to the gym etc,etc.
I have also made a jar where we write down the good things that have happened to us throughout the year... not the best picture, but you get the idea!!
nothing in it yet...!!!

My beautiful teapot smashed today!!! it fell off the windowsill after the window cleaner had been and moved things around and then the clock slipped!! It was a christmas present from Ian last year and was very,very lovely so I am upset indeed> do teapots get broken more than anything else?? they do in my house.....

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