Saturday, 12 January 2013


A very dull and chilly day with damp drizzle all day, so lit the 2 fires and did some cooking and read the saturday papers and did a few crosswords and puzzles which i ALWAYS get wrong , just when I think I have cracked a sudoko or whatever.........


This is my lovely teapot. you can see why i wanted to replace it as it is soooo pretty!!

This is the teacosy I have for it...... it doesnt really do the teapot justice. It started out as a hat which looked dreadful and so i made it into a tea cosy. I am looking for a new project and I think i might go for a teacosy with matching colours of my teapot!!


These are the gloves i finished last night, i might have to use them myself as i made a mistake at the bottom, You can see it at the bottom on the right , also the sewing up was a little ropey.....I am hopeless at that!!

This is what you do when you are 13 and not feeling great..... you get your mum to build a fire and then get all the cushions and blankets off the sofa and get your phone and an ipad and just stay there all day...... not a bad way to spend a cold wet january day!!!


These were delivered in my veg box on Friday..... not really sure what they are, think it might be black salsify, can't say they look very appealing, and I'm not really sure how to cook them, but will have a go with the sunday roast tomorrow!!


  1. I hope your son feels better soon, love all the knitting. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great week. Nicky

  2. We had black salsify once, it was thinner. I made it into a soup, tasted okay but alll felt very bloated afterwards!!! Xx