Friday, 25 January 2013


Had a big fight with Joseph last night and while he was thinking it over in his room he wrote a list .......
Reasons not to like Mum....  There were numerous reasons but the one that made me laugh was " tries to be funny but fails", also "she says my writing is dreadful... hypocrite"
Reasons to like Mum and there was only one of these..."sometimes she is nice"

I think I will keep it for posterity !!


When we moved here 21 yrs ago there was a rather awful carpet on the stair that we had to reluctantly pay £60 for and had high hopes for getting a new one quickly, anyway we have now and rather nice it is too

Quite stripy  but rather smart  and looks very posh, just like us.......


I had a go at making ciabatta for the first time and here they are

 Those were the better two, the others looked more like crackers....tasted good though. I don't know why they didn't rise as they had 2 packets of yeast in,anyhow they were fun to make and I will certainly have another go!


This is a slouchy hat i made last night.... not very slouchy so I made a bobble to make it slouch more.... it didn't work, so that will go in my pile for  next years Christmas sale and I will have another go.. colours are good though !

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