Friday, 18 January 2013


Well, now i can tell all......
The surprise was a flying visit to Glasgow to be with Sam on his 21st birthday. He had to leave London 10 days ago and was feeling sorry for himself that no family would be with him to celebrate!
So... i hatched a plan to fly up and surprise him .
Becca was also keen to come from Leeds too.
The morning arrived and i had to get up at 5.15 to get to Luton airport and when I arrived there  it was THICK ,THICK fog. The plane was delayed by 2 hrs. At first it wasn't clear if the plane would go at all, so I was panicking as Becca was already on her way.
Finally we were in the air and I arrived there 11.30 instead of (.30. the plan was to go to his studio and surprise him there but just as i got out of the taxi, becca called to say he wasn't there today.... so much pfaffing around was done and finally Rebecca and i arrived at his halls. They wouldn't let us in at the accommodation office but luckily a maintenance man was there so he did...(rather sneaky). We found his flat but he wasn't in his room and while we were standing around wondering where he might be he came out of the loo!!
Poor boy nearly passed out...... it was really good, he was soooooo pleased to see us and chuffed to bits that we had gone up to see him. He smiled all day long as we all did, it was a very special day, just nice being together and it felt a BIG treat to have my big two all to myself.

It has started to snow here, so exciting except everything STOPS! Ian is on his bike so I hope and pray he gets home safely. Joseph is at school a few miles away so i hope the trains are running ok to get him safely home. Becca's boyfriend Joe is supposed to be heading up to Leeds to see her for the weekend so fingers crossed that he can do that without any problems. it seems worse in the West and is spreading east during the day , so hopefully once he is on his way it will be ok! 
For me anyhow, I have done my work  after skidding along narrow bendy roads with lots of parked cars and nearly giving myself a heart attack a couple of times, so the fire is lit and i will have a cosy afternoon baking and knitting i think.......


  1. I am glad your surprise for your son worked out. Too bad you didn't get a picture of him when he walked out of the loo to see you standing there!

  2. What a lovely surprise Sophie, glad it all went well xx