Friday, 11 January 2013


Poor old Joseph still feeling poorly but the up side is we can have a lie in as obviously not getting up for school. He has reverted back to coming into our bed in the early hours where he snuggles up and falls back to sleep, rather sweet really, but goes against what I tell my pregnant mums when we talk about co sleeping in the breast feeding class. That is......".You don't hear of many teenagers still sleeping in with their parents".This is in response to someone asking that if you let them into your bed as babies you will never get them out......

i must say I in favour of co sleeping and it certainly worked for us most of the time, BUT Joseph was the last and so there was no hurry to get him out so he made an appearance most nights till he was 5 which I guess doesn't suit everyone. it was only going away for the weekend and leaving him to share with his big sister that seemed to break the pattern.

Lets hope he feels a bit brighter tomorrow. Expecting some cold weather and even snow, always exciting for London, everything STOPS.. even if its only a couple of centimetres.....

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